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23 May, 2018

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Stargazer program is a multiplayer shoot em up. Pick your foe, a friend or a merciless AI and launch yourself into a intense match of victory or crushing defeat. The outcome of this duel is in your hands. Between you and your foe stands a field filled with cannon fodder that may appear innocent but will become deadly weapons of concentrated ego destruction. Choose your level wisely, some levels may contain fierce competition not only from your foe but its grizzly inhabitants. From mechanical abortions to the undead. There are of course are beasts of the deep to keep you distracted while your enemy finds an opening in your feeble defences. In the unlikely event of survival of the slaughter, the program will respond by sending waves of enemies until you or your foe is decimated. How long will you survive? Will you beat the relentless foe or be forced to play single player mode and wallow in self-pity? This is no traditional shoot em up. You will need to combine both tactics, execution and psychological manipulation to get your way.



If you are like me, you probably don’t have much time to spare. I get it. That’s why I built this game over the period of a year or so. I started developing stargazer program about a year ago this time, at first it was going to be a typical vertical shoot em up but I noticed that I didn't really have a single short game to play while me and my friends were waiting for the next match of whatever RTS game we would play and nothing really fit the bill. So, I made this thing. you really must play it to tell what it is exactly, I like to think that it’s a mix of a RTS and a FPS, it has both tactics and the action oriented combat.

Early prototypes

Initially there wasn't stargazer program there was System Invaders. I wanted this title because I felt like I could expand on the story and perhaps leave gameplay second. After distributing my early prototype to some beta testers, I found that my game quite frankly sucked, Sure it had some nice graphics but gameplay was unholy. I needed change. The problem was at its core. At the end of the day I wanted a shoot em up but I wasn’t sure if having something different or unique was the best idea, I did want a unique aspect to the experience however. This is why I started working on "mechanical GUI" meaning that the GUI is embedded into the game and is visible all the time, it’s not some pesky hp bar or something like that. It’s a living, breathing GUI!


I responded to the feedback given to me and as a result I had split the game into 3 separate stages, all 3 for different playstyles so that if you find yourself overwhelmed you could always pick a different pill to swallow. Stargazer program is aimed at those who just want to come into the genre of shoot em ups like me, to enjoy shoot em ups the way I did as a kid without being overwhelmed. I changed the gameplay fundamentally, instead of spamming enemies and high velocity projectiles I scaled down and added tactics to the gameplay. Instead of requiring people to play through levels again and again I made it voluntary, if you don’t like a level don’t play it. This gave me an idea: Make it Multiplayer!

Making sacrifices

The decision of adding multiplayer had come at a cost however: no more high-speed projectiles, this couldn't be bullet hell. So, I made it a "staring competition" Instead of the traditional format of carefully skirting through the blanket of hot plasma, you need to carefully monitor your foe! Unexpected moves are always around the corner. This style of gameplay suited the game better overall.

Biting the bullet

First prototypes of the multiplayer gameplay sucked and my multiplayer set up was beyond basic. As a result, I had to change major parts of the game to fit this new model. This introduced multiple harsh difficulties such as lag and desynch which I would need to make major adjustments for. I did and as a result lost half a year of time on it. I even had to cut content to allow for multiplayer to shine, but here it is. Now you can fight your foes over the internet and not just on a score board.


  • Multiplayer enabled domination
  • Dueling action perfect for a quick showdown
  • 12 levels to duel your foes in, each primed to bite you when you least expect it
  • 3 shuttles to choose from: slow and steady, fast and risky or a wildcard
  • No unlocks, get right into the game
  • Immersive mechanical GUI
  • Guaranteed confidence destruction


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About Bear Gears

Bear gears is a new studio, currently only me, Mikus and the other fantastic freelancers who collaborate with me. I will bring kick-ass video games that you haven't seen yet. We make them like they used to make them.

Stargazer Program Credits

J. Mikus Sabanskis [BearGears]
Programer, Artist

Dan Wrigley
Music, Freelancer

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